US Police to Be Allowed to Operate in Canada?

US Police to Be Allowed to Operate in Canada?

Armed U.S agents will be able to use their guns while operating on Canadian soil while being immune from Canadian law.

Is This What You Want Canada?!? Pay Attention!! Armed American agents to have immunity from our Canadian laws when working in Canada? > -Toronto Star

The Harper conservative government could allow armed U.S agents in Canada to be able to use deadly force but not be held accountable under Canadian law. This means they could not be held accountable for potential criminal acts on Canadian soil. Considering U.S police conduct of late, is this a good move? The deal hasn’t been ratified yet.. Should it be?

Our own police sometimes have trouble following our laws, Imagine what could happen if we allow armed American agents to operate in Canada while exempt from our laws! Share this! then contact your local MP, write your editor, tools to do so are attached below.

Armed US agents could have immunity from prosecution when working in Canada > -Toronto Star

The Toronto Star writes: “Armed U.S. border guards could soon be posted to Union Station — and if they ever use their guns, they may not be held accountable in a Canadian court.”

“If U.S. government agents who are on duty on Canadian soil are only going to be liable to be prosecuted in the United States for potential criminal acts in Canada, what does that mean for access to justice for people affected by those actions?” asked Josh Paterson, executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.

“Is a Canadian really going to be able to access whatever system of redress that might exist in the United States for actions that take place here in Canada? Is the U.S. criminal justice system going to deal seriously with alleged offences committed by their agents here in Canada? We just don’t know. If they’re being told that they are allowed to carry weapons in Canada, the only thing you can surmise from that is that it’s anticipated that they may be using force in Canada,” he said.”

In Depth references and news articles on the subject of armed U.S agents being able to operate in Canada being immune from our Canadian laws are attached below:

“Canadians would likely have serious concerns with cross-designated officers from the U.S. not being accountable for their actions in Canada,” says the classified memo prepared for RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, a censored version of which was obtained by CP

Surprise. Stephen Harper’s U.S. border deal does imperil Canadian sovereignty > – “While details of the pact remain sparse, it appears to give American agents working in so-called “integrated teams” the power of Canadian peace officers — including the right to carry weapons and use them on Canadian soil.”, “The U.S. government wants American police agents working in Canada exempted from Canadian law. Don’t assume the Harper government will refuse.” writes Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom.

VIDEO: Canada’s Rick Mercer on American agents arresting Canadians on Canadian soil >

“In the last budget, in the “jobs budget” there was a provision that allows the CIA and the FBI to come across the border and arrest Canadians on Canadian soil. And I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat just saying it out loud but it’s true. It happened and there was no debate. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.” -Rick Mercer said,

MP Elizabeth May writes “We are passing legislation to allow US law enforcement agents onto Canadian territory to enforce US laws. What would Laura Secord have made of that plot? Had she discovered it with her wandering cow, would she have turned Stephen Harper in?” >

American Cops Don’t Belong in Canada
> – “A few years ago, Stephen Harper told us that by the time he was done in office, we wouldn’t recognize Canada. How true, and troubling, those words have become… Now we are now witnessing the Americanization of our law enforcement. Armed American police officers will now operate on Canadian soil.”- Sean Casey MP for Charlottetown, P.E.I

U.S. wants its police officers exempt from Canadian law , RCMP Says,

Canadian law must apply to all police in Canada: Editorial >

U.S. police officers on Canadian soil must answer to our laws -National Post >

U.S. ‘Homeland’ Includes Canada And Mexico On NSA Map -Just when you thought the NSA surveillance programs couldn’t get any scarier, the spy agency goes ahead and makes Canada part of the U.S. “homeland.”>

U.S. Police seek to ignore Canadian law

CBC News: U.S. wants officers exempt from Canadian law >

The Harper government gives U.S. FBI and DEA agents the ability to pursue suspects across the land border and into Canada. > ,

Does your MP know Bill C-38 allows FBI agents to operate in Canada?

Police Are Not Protecting Us by Ajamu Nangwaya, Educator and community organizer >


“There are already 15 integrated border enforcement teams operating along the 49th parallel but the legislative changes would allow the FBI or U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to pursue suspects onto Canadian soil. Embassy magazine reported that aerial police surveillance has not been ruled out.” -John Ivison, National Post

FBI informants were authorized to break the law 5600 times in one year

CBC News: The FBI’s role in ‘manufacturing’ terrorism

“By assembling a database of the cases and going through court records, he concluded that the FBI, which receives $3 billion per year for counterterrorism, is “the organization responsible for more terrorist plots over the last decade than any other.”

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Conditioning Canadians For The War On Terror >

“With the onslaught of recent “foiled terror plots” we have seen here in Canada, one would think that there is an ongoing threat from either outside forces or from radicalized homegrown domestic extremists as we are being led to believe. However in each and every circumstance there is a hidden hand at play and in its grip lies a sinister motive to generate the fear of an attack in the minds of the Canadian people.” -Press For Truth

Harper government allows Blackwater to train Canadian police and troops without the permission of the U.S. State Department >


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