Ugly Precursor to Auschwitz: Hitler Said to Have Been Inspired by U.S. Indian Reservation System


Left, Nazis stand before a mass grave of victims of the Jewish Holocaust; right: U.S. soldiers pose for a picture near a mass grave of dead Lakotas following the Wounded Knee Massacre of December 29, 1890.

It was 70 years ago today that the imprisoned and starved and viciously battered victims of Hitler and his Nazi thugs were liberated by Soviet troops.

Hitler – the coward, who’d later commit suicide rather than face the music – was incontrovertibly one of the world’s most brutal and bloodthirsty bastards to ever walk the globe.

Yet, little is it known that he was also a plagiarizer.

The idea of a prison camp – specifically Auschwitz, in Oświęcim, Poland – where Hitler’s soldiers could shoot, hang, poison, mutilate and starve men, women and children en mass was not an idea Hitler, the bigot, came up with on his own. In fact, the Pulitzer-Prize winning biographer John Toland wrote that Hitler was inspired in part by the Indian reservation system – a creation of the United States.

“Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history,” Toland wrote in his book, Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography. “He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination—by starvation and uneven combat—of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity.”

Now, of course, it is not in the best national interest of the U.S. to recognize such a realization as presented by Toland. As I’ve said time and again, you cannot be the greatest nation in the world if you’re guilty of genocide – and especially if your country’s policies were the inspiration that engineered one of the world’s most devastating genocides.

And, of course, the evidence is readily available to those who’d seek it that European settlers (i.e. invaders who would later divorce themselves from their motherland, renaming each other “Americans”) did, in fact, set into motion a detailed template – justifications (Divine Right), policies (Indian Removal), procedures (Wounded Knee) – for Hitler to follow.

Now, of course people are wont to argue that plague and disease killed Native Americans in great numbers, which is true – Native Americans did die in mass numbers as a result of European pestilences and our biological inability to fight off these foreign microbes. But that argument inherently ignores the well-documented extermination policies set forth by the United States.

In fact, President Thomas Jefferson himself famously said (well, famous throughout Native America) that the “(American Indian has) justified (their own) extermination.” And it was George Washington who thought the only way to kill Native Americans was to rage war on their crops.

“Linguistic Genocide in Education – Or Worldwide Diversity and Human Rights?” Tove Skutnabb-Kangas
“Linguistic Genocide in Education – Or Worldwide Diversity and Human Rights?” Tove Skutnabb-Kangas

There are many similarities in the United State’s attempt to exterminate Native Americans and Hitler’s attempt to exterminate the Jews. Both groups were – and in many ways remain – dehumanized. Both are and were considered to be in the way of so-called progress. In the U.S., officials and citizens even coined it the “Indian problem,” and Hitler famously considered Jews exactly that, his problem, and he charged himself – much like President Andrew Jackson – with the responsibility of eliminating that problem.

Another similarity: there are the deniers of both genocides. In 2012, Colorado Republican State Senator Ellen Roberts would not support a resolution recognizing the genocide of Native Americans because, she said, Indians were not rendered extinct.

“When I look up the word ‘exterminate’ it is to destroy totally,” she argued. “And my problem with this resolution is I thank God that we have not destroyed totally the Native American people. And one of my challenges … is (the) wording; that is as if they are extinct, because they are not.”

The irony here is days prior she signed her name to two resolutions recognizing the Jewish Holocaust and the Armenian genocide.

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Steven Spielberg, director of the Holocaust film “Schindler’s List,” said in speech at an event yesterday that the Jewish people are once again threatened by “the perennial demons of intolerance,” Joanna Berendt of The New York Times reported. “People want to, all over again, strip you of your past, of your story and of your identity,” he said.

Spielberg’s statement applies to Native Americans as well, who are now 1.7-percent of the total U.S. population (new estimates argue that the population of indigenous peoples in North American was as high as 123 million prior to European contact).

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American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian (2000)

The powerful and hard-hitting documentary, American Holocaust, is quite possibly the only film that reveals the link between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed at least 6 million Jews, and the American Holocaust which claimed, according to conservative estimates, 19 million Indigenous People.

It is seldom noted anywhere in fact, be it in textbooks or on the internet, that Hitler studied America’s “Indian policy”, and used it as a model for what he termed “the final solution.”

He wasn’t the only one either. It’s not explicitly mentioned in the film, but it’s well known that members of the National Party government in South Africa studied “the American approach” before they introduced the system of racial apartheid, which lasted from 1948 to 1994. Other fascist regimes, for instance, in South and Central America, studied the same policy.

Noted even less frequently, Canada’s “Aboriginal policy” was also closely examined for its psychological properties. America always took the more ‘wide-open’ approach, for example, by decimating the Buffalo to get rid of a primary food source, by introducing pox blankets, and by giving $1 rewards to settlers in return for scalps of Indigenous Men, women, and children, among many, many other horrendous acts. Canada, on the other hand, was more bureaucratic about it. They used what I like to call “the gentleman’s touch”, because instead of extinguishment, Canada sought to “remove the Indian from the Man” and the Women and the Child, through a long-term, and very specific program of internal breakdown and replacement – call it “assimilation”. America had it’s own assimilation program, but Canada was far more technical about it.

Perhaps these points would have been more closely examined in American Holocaust if the film had been completed. The film’s director, Joanelle Romero, says she’s been turned down from all sources of funding since she began putting it together in 1995.

Perhaps it’s just not “good business” to invest in something that tells so much truth? In any event, Romero produced a shortened, 29-minute version of the film in 2001, with the hope of encouraging new funders so she could complete American Holocaust. Eight years on, Romero is still looking for funds.

American Holocaust may never become the 90-minute documentary Romero hoped to create, to help expose the most substantial act of genocide that the world has ever seen… one that continues even as you read these words. –

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Self-proclaimed “Real World” Economists Here to Save Us

The message: from austerity to prosperity

April 25, 2015

from Asad Zaman

Modern history is largely driven by the battle of the rich (top 0.01%) against the masses (bottom 90%). Over the past few decades, the rich have been tremendously successful in having it all their way. A previous blog post on “Deception and Democracy” illustrates by examples their successful conversion of democracy into plutocracy in the USA. As pointed out by Polanyi, unregulated markets create disastrous outcomes for the majority. Therefore, in a democratic environment, theories which misrepresent facts and justify massive inequalities are essential pillars of support for the plutocrats. Spreading these theories via media and educational channels helps create an environment where people support policies which go against their common interests.

As many posts on austerity on the RWER blog have shown, austerity has only caused massive damages to the European Union (just search for “austerity” on the blog). Theories which support austerity as a policy are disseminated by premier educational institutions and provide a crucial pillar of support for enforcing such policies. Equally, educating the public about the flaws of such policies and providing a viable alternative is an essential element of a counter-attack. Ellen Brown has performed a tremendous service with her books “From Austerity to Prosperity: The Public Bank Solution” and also “Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about our Monetary System and how we can break free.”  I have tried to pick up certain key insights from these books and summarized them as a solution to development problems in Islamic economies in my paper: “On the Nature of Modern Money.” However this paper is lengthy and complex, and meant for a professional audience. My newspaper article “Keynes vs. IMF” presents a brief and oversimplified version of some of the key ideas the public needs to learn, in order to be able to overcome the illusion that austerity is good for them.

An important point here is that the real world economists need to take their case to the public, which is victimized by the neoclassical economists. Talking among ourselves is not helpful except in terms of discovering the strongest arguments and best lines of attack. There is absolutely no point in trying to get published in leading journals, or trying to change minds of professional economists – they have the most to lose. Our natural audience are those who have the most to gain by listening to our message. This means that we need to make much greater efforts to convey our message to the general public. This involves participating more on popular forums like conventional blogs, writing book reviews for good books, providing critiques and alternatives for bad ones, writing for newspapers etc. It also involves making the efforts required to translate and present our theories and models in ways attractive and comprehensible to a general audience.
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‘Out of control’: DEA chief grilled over agents’ sex parties dating back to 2001

‘Out of control’: DEA chief grilled over agents’ sex parties dating back to 2001 — RT USA

‘Out of control’: DEA chief grilled over agents’ sex parties dating back to 2001

Published time: April 14, 2015 22:41
Edited time: April 14, 2015 23:26

Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

The Drug Enforcement Agency chief is taking fire from Congress over internal reports stating that agents have engaged in sex parties on the government’s dime since 2001. One lawmaker also called for the chief to resign.

Documents released Tuesday by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform show reports of misconduct dating back to 2001. One report indicates that prostitutes at a 2003 retirement party for a high-ranking DEA official were paid out of the operational budget for the DEA field office in Colombia. One witness told the government inspectors that he contracted prostitutes for at least 15 DEA sex parties.
The reports portray DEA agents as “completely out of control” and behaving with “truly breathtaking recklessness,” Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said at the Tuesday hearing. “They appear to have fraternized with cartel members, accepted lavish gifts, and paid for prostitutes with no concern for the negative repercussions or security vulnerabilities they created.”
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